Can-Am Spyder Tank Bag

After searching unsuccessfully for a tank bag for my new 2013 Spyder STS I finally found a Toiletry Kit (bag) by American Tourister (UPC 21276 43995) for about $10 at Walmart*, that, with a few modifications makes a really great tank bag for the Spyder.

If you’re a Spyder owner then you already know that there is no metal tank sitting between your legs as you ride the bike, only plastic / fiberglass cowlings, i.e. nothing the standard magnetic held or strap held bags can be held by, and the contour of the area just behind the handlebars and in front of the seat is narrow, with minimal room for a bag.

Here is a picture of the bag mounted on the bike.


Note that the bag is held in place from the top with an ‘S’ connector attached to the bike by removing the cover of the OEM GPS electrical access, and hooking the S connector into that hole and onto the top strap of the bag. A close-up view of that area follows:


After the bag is used for several trips a better fitting S connector will be used, with the snap-in cover modified with a hole so that it can be re-inserted into the rather unsightly hole between the handlebars.

In order to prevent the lower portion of the bag from moving around while riding I first considered using straps sewed onto the sides of the bag with suction cups attached to the smooth sides of the panels. While that solution may have been successful a much better solution was considered. A picture of the lower anchoring method follows:


Male snaps were attached to each side of the lower portion of the bag. A web strap was wrapped under the securing hardware of the seat, crossed as it comes up in front of the seat with female snaps attached to each end of the web strapping. Note the two snaps on the right allow loosing or tightening of the strap as required.

One other somewhat major modification was made to the bag after purchase. The large opening in the front had only one zipper pull so to open, but more importantly to close the bag you had to run that pull around the entire opening such that it was not possible to leave a partially opened bag. With some difficulty a second zipper pull was added to the opposite side of the main opening so that the front access can be left partially open by adjusting the position of both zipper pulls simultaneously. The left zipper pull is the one that was added after purchase.


The zippered compartments on each side are large enough for water bottles, with the interior of the bag containing all sort of compartments and places to conveniently store small items needed on a long trip. Cameras, radios, sun-glasses, pen, paper, tire-pressure gauge, and all manner of items needed by the serious touring biker can be stored in this small, modified bag.

Map / Route Holder Added to Bag

The bag was missing one very important function, that of holding my trip route data as well as the printout of a map showing the complete trip route. This feature was added to the bag by purchasing a clear plastic zip-slide legal sized ‘envelope’ at the local Staples store and modifying it to attach to the top of the Tank Bag using snap closures.

The picture below shows the see-thru map route in the ‘envelope’ with the snap closures on the bag showing the positioning of the envelope on the bag.



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Retired Computer Programmer. Born and Raised in Missouri. Graduated from Missouri School of Mines in 1964. Retired in 2003. Moved to Colorado in 2010. Enjoying good health and 'front range'. Touring frequently on Can-Am Spyder motorcycle. Skiing during the Winter months at Monarch Mountain Ski Area (for free!).
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