Can-Am Spyder Heated Clothing Battery Connector

Heated clothing is a must if you ride in the early Spring or late Fall in the mountains of Colorado. A jacket, pants, glove liners and insoles with controls can be connected via a single battery connector but to be safe in terms of amperage draw two battery connectors are a better choice with one line supporting the jacket, glove liners and the second line supporting the pants, insoles, each line connected through a manual thermostat to the clothing.

The +Venture brand heated clothing comes with battery connector adapters, four feet in length, with the female jack for connection to the male plug of the clothing. The four foot length is perfect for use on the Spyder STS. In order to obtain a professional look to the installation the following list of parts is recommended:

2 Pan Head Slotted Screws M6-1.00 x 10

2 Lock Washers, M6

2 Flat Washers, M6

4 Feet, ½”, Wire Conduit, Ribbed black plastic

Black Electrician’s Tape

Black Plastic Ties

Remove the service panel, left side. (See Page 115 of 2013 STS Operator’s Guide). This panel is removed by pulling up on the right corner, and then raising that corner until the slotted connector on the left side disengages. Note that to reinstall this panel you need to support the underside of the slot on the left side as you push the panel into that slot, then seating the post connector on the right.


The picture above shows the electrical posts (red arrows) with the Pan Head Screws already installed.


Remove the upper left side panel, shown above, of the Roadster by removing the 4 screws holding that panel in place. Rotate the bottom of the panel out and down to disengage the lip running along the upper edge of the panel.

The picture below shows all of the components covered by the panel.


The picture below shows two of the battery connectors connected with electrician’s tape along their length to hold them together after they are inserted into the ribbed wire conduit, also shown, which is also taped at both ends to keep it secure.


The picture below shows the battery connectors positioned where they can be connected to the posts under the service cover, having been fed from the access under the side panel.


The picture below shows the ribbed wire conduit fitted into the slot (red arrow) available on the right side, and then into the open area under the seat above the gas cap.


The picture below shows the completed battery connections under the service panel.


Reinstall the left side panel being careful NOT to tighten the screws too tightly, carefully avoiding any dimpling of the panel areas around the screws!

Reinstall the service cover per instructions above.

The ends of the cables can be stowed under the metal support that is centered under the seat. When needed the ends can be fed up between the seat and the panel in front of the seat.


About justanoldguy

Retired Computer Programmer. Born and Raised in Missouri. Graduated from Missouri School of Mines in 1964. Retired in 2003. Moved to Colorado in 2010. Enjoying good health and 'front range'. Touring frequently on Can-Am Spyder motorcycle. Skiing during the Winter months at Monarch Mountain Ski Area (for free!).
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