Chopped Tour-Pak Pad on King Tour-Pak

My 2012 Street Glide is now equipped with the (super-sized) King Tour-Pak trunk mounted for solo riding. All of the King Tour-Pak back rests that were available were just too bulky for a solo application. The chopped Tour-Pak back rest looked like it might fit well, but the attaching bolts were not compatible with pre-drilled holes on the King Tour-Pak. Research on the Internet confirmed that the chopped pad had been successfully attached to a King so I decided to give it a go!

The template is made from a manilla folder. Note the horizontal lines for maintaining level of the template. One of the bolts at the bottom is centered as opposed to a centerline between the two bolts on that attaching bracket. The piece at the center, top establishes how far from the top of the lid the template should be placed so that the lip on the back of the backrest just clears the lid when mounted.

The natural curvature of the template established by the positions of the mounting bolts is NOT THE SAME curvature as the front curvature of the lid.

Note that when the pattern is attached to the lid the curvature at the lid sides causes the pattern holes to be positioned just slightly at a narrower point than desired. Using a slightly larger drill bit than recommended and / or working the bit side-to-side to slightly to elongate the holes horizontally will allow a much easier fitment.

After drilling pilot holes for all six bolts cover those holes with masking tape prior to drilling larger holes. Use a sharp drill bit but use very light drilling pressure because the soft plastic material will ‘grab’ the bit if too much pressure is used.  The lid top with the final position of all six new holes is shown below.

Note the relative positions of all new holes relative to the plugged original holes to the top right.

For some reason this picture is shown vertical, but represents the inside of the lid where the chopped pad bolts are secured with the nuts provided, with the use of fender washers for the four inner bolts where they provide additional support.

Here is the completed chopped tour-pak pad mounted onto a King Tour-Pak on the Street Glide. The King Tour-Pak is positioned as far to the rear as possible on the two-point mounting bracket.

Hope this helps….


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Retired Computer Programmer. Born and Raised in Missouri. Graduated from Missouri School of Mines in 1964. Retired in 2003. Moved to Colorado in 2010. Enjoying good health and 'front range'. Touring frequently on Can-Am Spyder motorcycle. Skiing during the Winter months at Monarch Mountain Ski Area (for free!).
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